Friday, 5 April 2013

The Tall Man 2012 English DVD [x264] Download Movie Torrent

The Tall Man torrent

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The Tall Man (2012)

Year: 2012
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Director: Pascal Laugier
Starring: Jessica Biel, Jodelle Ferland, William B. Davis

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This film is about the legendary folk were started by the town a cold rock. Of children in the city are going missing, people say its an entity known as the tall man had given them. Julia Denning (Jessica Biel) is a local nurse, whose husband had died the previous year. She is soon to individuals involved in her child has been taken. She tried to keep track of where the child is done, but we see that theres nothing going on than you know. The town folk began to turn his truth. But theres still a lot of story-tall man? And the truth behind this disappearance?

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